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System of environmental management ISO 14001

A concrete commitment in the constant improvement of environmental impact

Ministerial Health Authorization n. 3394 of 27/07/2001
Sicily Regional Authorization n. 00081 of 28/01/2002
IFS Certification: “version 6.1 2017 - Higher Level with a Score of 97.29%”

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Our certifications reflect the constant attention to quality, innovation and the environment.

Santa Maria water is bottled according certified processes of organisation and production, in full respect of the public health standards.

Sicil Acque Minerali s.r.l. is fully aware of the importance of environmental protection and of its responsibility in this field.

During its activities, the company undertakes to:

  • Work in accordance with all laws and rules in force in the environmental field.
  • Pursue the constant improvement of its own environmental management system.
  • Prevent pollution and protect natural resources.

For this reason, SI.A.M. s.r.l., after having performed an initial environmental analysis of the production activities carried out in its own plant and having individuated the priority areas of intervention, aims at achieving the following general goals:

  1. Preventing air pollution due to noxious substances, by optimising the technical-organisational management of its own production system.
  2. Correctly managing its wastes and rejects, with a particular attention for the dangerous wastes, promptly acknowledging the current legislation in this field and preventing the contamination of air, water and soil.
  3. Preventing the production of waste, attempting to recover waste to obtain raw materials and consider the disposal in landfill as a last resort.
  4. Protecting the water resources by reducing their utilisation and by aiming at the qualitative improvement of waste and the prevention of the incidental events.
  5. Protecting the soil and the subsoil, by keeping the possible sources of pollution under control and by adopting adequate measures to carry out its own activities safely.
  6. Pursuing the sensitization of staff, technological improvement, the optimal utilisation of energy resources, also through monitoring.
  7. Maintaining the minimum possible level of acoustic pollution economically feasible.
  8. Checking the quantity and the typology of raw and ancillary materials, packaging and finished products for the correct definition of the environmental indicators, also with the aim to contain the resource use.
  9. Aiming at the improvement of the work conditions in relation to the safety and health aspects and to the prevention of accidental and emergency situations that could have negative effects on the environment.
  10. Adopting the necessary measures to reduce the environmental impacts related to emergency situations with the aim of minimizing the consequences.
  11. Fostering the training activities to promote the responsibility and awareness of employees of each level towards the protection of the environment and of natural resources.
  12. Guaranteeing communication transparency towards local Communities, the customers, general public, by providing the necessary information to comprehend the effects on the environment and consolidate the trust in the company and its products, pursuing an open dialogue.

The company adopted an innovative system of industrial phytoremediation that guarantees the depuration of waste waters from industrial and civil processes and rainwater before they are released into the environment, through the use of some phyto-purifiant macrophyte water plants.

In this context, Sicil Acque Minerali s.r.l. undertakes to establish and maintain in its company an active Environmental Management System in accordance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.