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Environmental responsibility and water

Santa Maria water protects the environment. Every choice is made in the name of the sustainability

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Preserving nature is a primary goal

For this reason, for years the use of water at SI.A.M. has been optimised thanks to advanced technological plant facilities throughout the production chain.

The water not used for the bottling and is employed for the sanitisation of plants flows into a modern and natural water treatment plant, in accordance with responsible and sustainable process management.

Together with the industrial and civil waste water treatment, we have an advanced system of rainwater harvesting along the entire S.I.A.M. Property: every raindrop is channelled into a collection network to flow into the same grey water treatment plant.

It is a waterproof phytoremediation plant, located on a layer of compacted clay which is covered by a sheet of geotextile filled mainly by gravel and sand. In the same basin, the water is sanitised by phyto-purifiant macrophyte water plants (sort of papyri and phragmites) which absorb pollutants and transform them into compounds useful for the nutrition of the plants themselves. In this way, rainwater and grey water, without pollutants, become real water resources to reintroduce to the environment.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility Santa Maria Water takes care of the environment responsibly.

Every choice is made in accordance with sustainable process management.