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A spring at the heart of the Hyblean Mountains

Quality natural water from deep canyons formed through the centuries

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Santa Maria low mineral content water flows from a spring in the heart of the Modican territory, in the furthest part of south-eastern Sicily. Every natural mineral water is unique: along a lengthy underground path, which may take decades to pass, the water comes into contact with the land and rocks from which it gains mineral salts and trace elements, as though they left their distinct fingerprint upon it.

The groundwater from which Santa Maria water springs is deep and natural.

The water flows through deep canyons tracing long and winding paths in the Hyblean plateau.

This peculiar and distinctive environment gives Santa Maria water its purity and balanced chemical-physical features. Here the water flows through subsoil and gathers important elements such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

In the modern plant facility in Modica, Santa Maria water is bottled as pure as it is in the spring: its path towards the plant is carefully checked so as to guarantee the bottling of quality natural water as in its origin.