Customer Satisfaction

Quality water in every drop

Attention, care and control, from the spring to your table

Ministerial Health Authorization n. 3394 of 27/07/2001
Sicily Regional Authorization n. 00081 of 28/01/2002
IFS Certification: “version 6.1 2017 - Higher Level with a Score of 97.29%”

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From the spring to your table

In the water field of contrada Santa Maria Zappulla, in Modica, Santa Maria low mineral content water displays health properties from its very origin. The water comes to your table without undergoing any chemical treatments that might alter its features. It is transported from the groundwater area directly into the plant, where the bottling process takes place.

During the production stages, the raw material never comes into contact with contaminant agents or elements, remaining pure and rich in natural trace elements.

Thorough checks throughout the production chain and periodical analysis ensure and guarantee its quality and sensorial properties.

The whole supply chain taking the water from the spring to the consumer is designed and managed by selecting the best materials, cutting-edge plant facilities and safe processes checked in every stage: from the water withdrawal to the bottling and the logistics.

Daily checks

Respect for the surrounding environment and protection of the land under which the groundwater flows is the key requisite for the extracted water so as to preserve its natural purity.

For this reason, the area where the company is located is constantly controlled and specific measures to keep it uncontaminated are carried out.

Moreover, each day the company undergoes continuous checks and analysis throughout the production chain in order to guarantee quality water. The plant, where the bottling process takes place is constantly kept under strict control in accordance with the latest health and hygiene standards.

Customer satisfaction

For Santa Maria, quality also means constantly listening to customer feedback: a satisfaction questionnaire is made available to families, athletes and restaurant owners in order to improve the product and meet customer expectations.