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EQM Certification: the quality mark of EAU (United Arab Emirates)

In compliance with the ESMA quality standard

Ministerial Health Authorization n. 3394 of 27/07/2001
Sicily Regional Authorization n. 00081 of 28/01/2002
IFS Certification: “version 6.1 2017 - Higher Level with a Score of 97.29%”

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According to resolution no. 35 of 2015 of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) government, SIAM underwent the checks and the evaluation of its own products in order to export to the Arab Emirates, by the Certification Board ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology), according to the EQM (Emirates Quality Mark) scheme.

According to resolution no. 29 and 30 of the UAE government for food control, the EQM mark is necessary to import some product categories to the United Arab Emirates.
What is the Emirates Quality Mark

  • The EQM is a mark of compliance given to products that respect the UAE (United Arab Emirates) standards and regulations
  • The mark provides a complete evaluation of the product, the quality system used by the manufacturer in the production phase through tests, inspections and audits
  • The certification is voluntary for some product categories with the exception of bottled water, for which it is obligatory
  • In the food industry, the EQM quality mark improves the perception of the company and the product by the consumer
  • It allows companies that boast the EQM mark to stand out in the market sector by providing a competitive advantage
  • To improve trust and customer satisfaction
  • To facilitate the entry of products into customs
  • Facilitate exports by improving the competitiveness of domestic products in local and international markets