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IMS Certification

Industrial Measurement System - ESMA

Ministerial Health Authorization n. 3394 of 27/07/2001
Sicily Regional Authorization n. 00081 of 28/01/2002
IFS Certification: “version 6.1 2017 - Higher Level with a Score of 97.29%”

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The company, making connections with new foreign markets and having to export its own product to the United Arab Emirates, aimed at obtaining the IMS (Industrial Measurements System) certification issued by the ESMA (Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority) Board, according to the Resolution of the Chairman of the Board of Directors No. 9 of 2017 about the Industrial Measurements System.

In particular, the reference regulatory framework is as follows:

  • Federal Law no. 28 of 2001, relating to the establishment of the ’“Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology” (ESMA);
  • Cabinet Resolution No. 31 del 2006, relating to the “National Measurements System” (NMS).

It is also necessary to remember the certifications of the Management Systems implemented and already certified within the company, with particular legislative reference to supply, control, management, maintenance and calibration of measuring instruments within the company.
The methodology known as "PDCA" is applied to all business processes: “Plan – Do – Check – Act”.
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