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Production and bottling

Modern plants and resource and process optimization

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SIAM boasts a technologically advanced and highly efficient plant with several production lines allowing optimal bottling times.

In this way, we guarantee the quality of a fresh product which is on the market a few hours after its packaging.

The bottling process ends in these plants. After the extraction from the groundwater area, Santa Maria low mineral content water is transported through stainless steel pipes directly into the plant, ready to be bottled in PET plastic bottles. Powerful robotic machinery makes the bottles starting from little PET plastic preforms, then hot-blown and moulded. Now the bottles are ready to be filled, sealed and labelled. The expiry date and a code identifying the batch are then stamped onto the bottles to trace the product life from the production, to the storage and the commercialisation.

The water, as pure and uncontaminated as when it flows from the spring, is ready to be consumed.