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IFS Certification for the food quality and safety

International food standard: high quality standards

Ministerial Health Authorization n. 3394 of 27/07/2001
Sicily Regional Authorization n. 00081 of 28/01/2002
IFS Certification: “version 6.1 2017 - Higher Level with a Score of 97.29%”

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The IFS standard (International food standard) allows food production companies to ensure and guarantee food quality and safety of their own products and to check their quality level over the years.

The IFS certification is by now a necessary requirement to work in the agrifood sector and to show the commitment of companies towards safety and respect for public health standards regulating the field, above all through an updated company HACCP policy to manage all production stages, from reception of careful selected and certified raw materials to storage and distribution of the goods produced.

The IFS standard was developed by the GDO producers in Europe with the aim of managing the processes and to limit the risk of health incidents. It refers to a set of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise), GLP (Good Laboratory Practise) GHP (Good Hygiene Practise) requirements and satisfies the criteria of the Global food Safety Initiative issued by the Cies, in which also the CEO participates.

This standard allows the companies to report on their own commitment to food safety and, in case of accident, to limit the possible legal consequences, demonstrating they have taken all reasonable measures to avoid it; it also allows to set up and implement a management system to check full respect of quality, safety and compliance duties in accordance with the laws regulating the field, in particular those in force in the countries of destination of the finished
products, but also to have an instrument to improve the food quality management through control and monitoring of the critical factors; it reduces waste and product recalls.